Effective Rule of Law Program

USAID has had a leading role in developing the Rule of Law in Kosovo. The Effective Rule of Law (EROL) Program will build on the success of prior USAID work as well as open new opportunities for assistance. USAID was critical in formulating laws establishing the court system, the law guiding the Kosovo Judicial Council (KJC), the law guiding prosecution, and the law guiding the Kosovo Prosecutorial Council (KPC); however their implementation should be monitored.

Model Courts
The Model Court program is a great example of USAID’s success in Kosovo.  Model courts were created at 11 sites, a practice that improved case-handling and customer service, and court buildings were reconfigured within their existing footprints to improve functionality. The addition of glass windows to court work areas has served to improve transparency for the public, as has the move to open court rooms to litigants and the public instead of cases being decided behind chamber doors. With additional financial support from Norwegian Government, USAID will update best practices and refurbish all courts country-wide.

Kosovo Judicial Council (KJC)
The EROL program will also take a leading role in restructuring the KJC and its secretariat. USAID will help this institution meet the urgent need to transition from the current court system to the new system of Basic Courts, Appellate Courts and the Supreme Court established in the new Law on the Courts (LOC). The program will build on caseload analyses already completed in addition to conducting new research to inform the reallocation of cases and personnel within the new system.

Kosovo Prosecutorial Council
USAID will assist in drafting a KPC Strategic Plan that incorporates best practices and international know-how.   In addition, the assistance envisages development and drafting of rules and regulations to affect the Law on the KPC, including the improvement of communications with the public. 

Presidency, Ministry of Justice, Constitutional Court
Through EROL, USAID will continue to build and strengthen the capacities of the Constitutional Court in drafting written opinions, the capacity of the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) in the areas of litigation, international cooperation, and legislation, and the Office of the President in its aim to develop procedures and policies for the selection of judges and prosecutors.

Kosovo Judicial Institute
USAID and the Kosovo Judicial Institute (KJI) are working toward the goal of enabling KJI to stand alone as the sustainable education program for Kosovo’s judges and prosecutors, focusing on developing in-house training skills and training materials. 

Project Duration:                March 2011 – March 2015

USAID Contact:                   Merita Stublla – Emini

Implementing Partner:       Checchi & Co 

Last updated: December 27, 2013

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