Democratic Effective Municipalities Initiative


USAID’s Democratic Effective Municipalities Initiative (DEMI) assists municipal governments and officials to refine their skills, increases transparency, and improves cooperation with citizens.

The program’s goals are accomplished through empowering municipal administration and assemblies, increasing citizens’ engagement on issues that directly affect them, improving municipal service
delivery, providing coaching and on-the-job training in public management, and awarding grants to communities for public infrastructure improvements.


Governance strengthened in newly established municipalities

  • Municipalities will be fully staffed and operational, personnel skilled and capable of providing all service (six Serb-majority)
  • Increased access to municipal services for the citizens and increased citizens’ satisfaction with the quality of services by 25%
  • Municipal administration and Assembly communicate more
    effectively and involve citizens in decision-making processes.  Improved service delivery will result in a 12% annual increase in revenue collection

Increased effectiveness in all 25 partner municipalities

  • Citizens’ satisfaction with the quality and quantity of the service delivery is increased by 14%
  • Own-source revenue increased by 34% and the taxpayer base increased
  • Most USAID/DEMI partners will have functioning Citizen Service Centers and administrative services through the establishment of village satellite offices.  Citizen’s satisfaction with the administrative service increased by 8%
  • Utilize $5 million of support and incentive funds to bolster municipal re-organization and improve municipal service provisions

Project Duration:                August 2010  – August 2013 

USAID Contact:                  Jeton Cana 

Implementing Partner:       Urban Institute 

Last updated: June 11, 2013

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