Crimson Finance Fund

The Crimson Finance Fund (CFF) increases access to a range of short-term working capital products for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in all sectors of the economy including farmers, women-owned businesses and minorities. The goal of the program is to expand assistance to the financial sector in order to address a gap in short-term working capital financing. The Crimson Finance Fund (registered locally as a non-banking financial institution), addresses the needs of riskier but still viable borrowers, i.e., entrepreneurs, farmers, processors, women and minorities with less experience, size and fixed asset collateral.  CFF addresses the needs of those not adequately served by other financial institutions. 

USAID initially provided $700,000 to CFF for loans. In 2010, USAID/Kosovo added $1.5 million to provide critical missing financial products to the agricultural sector. The funds are being used to provide working capital credit through Purchase Order Financing (POF) and to enable farmers to lease agricultural equipment.

The Norwegian Government has provided $1,744,960 ($485,000 of which were as grants for start-up costs and the balance for low-interest loans). In 2010, the Norwegian Government provided an additional $1.1 million for low-interest loans.

Both products provide ongoing inflows of principal for re-lending on different repayment cycles and derive interest and fee income to support CFF operations and sustainability.


·         As of June 1. 2013, 227 loans disbursed valued at $15.1 million

·         Over 28% of lending has been disbursed to the agricultural sector

·         51 loans disbursed to women and minority-owned firms, of which 28 were loans were made to women-owned businesses valuing  $1.9 million.


Project Duration:                July 2008  – July 2014 

USAID Contact:                   Dardane Peja

Implementing Partner:       Crimson Capital

Last updated: December 26, 2013

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