Community Action Initiative Program

The Community Action Initiative Program (CAIP) supports 30 minority communities north of the Ibar River and 10 in the south to improve quality of life and develop the confidence that residents have a viable future in Kosovo.  The program’s three target areas include:

Community Development: This component works with communities to institute effective models for participatory decision-making.  The program assisted target communities in developing Community Development Forums (CDFs).  CAIP funded several of the projects identified through the CDFs and offered training to members on best practices for identifying, prioritizing, implementing, and monitoring these projects.

Economic Development: This component aims to increase economic opportunities for target communities, including strengthening regional and national business linkages between minority and majority markets and providing grants to support increased production and job creation.

Civil Society: This component works with minority civil society organizations (CSOs) and networks to address issues that are important to them.



·      Completed first cycle of capacity-building workshops on Approaches to Community Development and Project  Proposal Writing Techniques for 172 CDF representatives
·      32 community infrastructure projects completed
·      Completed 13 community volunteer initiatives
·      Supported 30 local businesses with business grants to create 108 new jobs
·      Another 22 business projects are in process, expecting to create another 58 jobs
·      Under the Women and Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative, nearly 20 start-up businesses have are being launched
·      Under the Associations Support Initiative, 10 associations will receive technical and financial support for development
·      Completed 20 CSO initiatives and launched another eight
·      Completed 10 Special Initiative Fund projects, including support to Handikos Mitrovica and Goat Farm for Novo Brdo/Novobërdë

Project Duration:                July 2011 – July 2014

USAID Contact:                   Jeton Cana

Implementing Partner:       Mercy Corps

Last updated: December 27, 2013

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