All Children Reading (TOTAL)

Education serves as the foundation to human development and is critical to broad-based economic growth.  Furthermore, education has proven essential for developing an informed and active citizenry required for healthy democratic practice and enabling individuals to make smarter choices affecting health and household welfare.  However, surveys indicate that approximately 35 percent of Haitian youth are illiterate, and the average Haitian child spends less than four years in school.  Additionally, an early grade reading assessment showed that 49 percent of Haitian children entering third grade are unable to read a single word.
Education is one of the highest priorities of the Government of Haiti, and the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training (MENFP) named the 2012-2013 school year the “year of reading”.  Early grade reading is also a primary focus of USAID’s basic education efforts around the globe, and USAID/Haiti has joined the agency’s call to reach 100 million children with improved reading skills by 2015.  In close collaboration with other donors and inline with both MENFP and USAID’s objectives, the All Children Reading (TOTAL) project, locally know as Tout Timoun Ap Li, addresses a wide range of pressing Haitian concerns related to education and literacy.    
TOTAL aims to assist MENFP in developing and testing an instructional model to improve the reading skills of children in grades 1 – 3 in the Cap Haitien, Saint Marc, and Port-au-Prince U.S. Government development corridors.
  • Assess Student Reading and School Management:  TOTAL will conduct an applied research activity to assess students’ reading skills; map the capacity of MENFP and other stakeholders to implement a new early grade reading program; and analyze the relationship between school management effectiveness and student reading performance. 
  • Develop and Implement Reading Interventions:  Assessments conducted by TOTAL will guide the design of new learning materials and curricula to improve the reading skills of children in grades 1-3 as well as design and implement community literacy strategies to engage families and communities in improving children’s reading.
  • Strengthen Capacity of MENFP and Education Stakeholders:  TOTAL will strengthen the capacity of Haitian teachers, trainers-of-trainers, supervisors, school administrators, teacher training institutions, the MENFP, and civil society organizations to conduct applied research and design, implement, and evaluate early grade reading programs.  TOTAL will work hand-in-hand with the government on all aspects of implementation and hire local personnel to conduct activities.      
  • Provide more than 28,000 young children and 900 teachers in the U.S. Government development corridors with innovative, evidence-based reading curricula.  
  • Develop and implement innovative and relevant teacher training opportunities and community literacy activities.  
  • Reach more than one million children nationwide, as the World Bank and other donors extend the use of reading curricula and training methods developed under TOTAL beyond the development corridors.   
Additional Program Information
Budget: $12.9 million
Life of Project: August 2012 – December 2014
Implementing Partner: Research Triangle Institute 

Last updated: September 11, 2013

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