Fact Sheets

Start date:  September 30, 2009          End date: September 30, 2019 
Guarantee Facility: $5 million in loans
Implementers:  Savings Houses Mozhnosti and FULM

Start date:  March 19, 2007          End date: June 18, 2013  
Project budget:  (Life of Project) US $8.3 Million  
Implementer:     Tetra Tech ARD

Start date: August 15, 2012          End date:  August 14, 2014  

Anticipated Project budget (Life of Project):  $ 292,536

Implementer:  My Career


Improve the participation of persons with disabilities (PWDs) in Macedonian society by providing them with internship and employment opportunities.  In addition, encourage positive changes in the perception and attitudes toward disabilities within the private sector.   


Start date:  January 2011          End date:    December 2013 
Project budget (Life of Project):  $1,336,857 
Implementer: Business Start-Up Centre – Bitola (BSC-Bitola) 

Start date: April 18, 2012          End date: April 17, 2015
Project budget (Life of Project):  $ 575,000
Implementer: Center for Civil Communications


Increase micro and small enterprise (MSE) awareness of the opportunities offered by the public procurement (PP) market; provide MSEs with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to participate more in government contracting; and streamline public procurement administrative procedures that inhibit MSE participation in government contracting.

Enhance economic growth and increase job creation by strengthening microenterprises to maximize their contribution to the national economy. The core pool of project beneficiaries will consist of 180 microenterprises and entrepreneurs from four Macedonian regions.

Start date:  April 24, 2012          End date:  April 23, 2016 
Anticipated Project budget (Life of Project):  $ 5 million
Implementer:  Carana


Strengthen private sector capacity to drive regional economic development and job creation within selected regions of Macedonia.

Start date:  September 2012    Duration:  24 months 
Anticipated Project budget (Life of Project):   $1,500,000
Implementer:  Milieukontakt Macedonia


Strengthen civil society and raise awareness, boost activism, and bolster local resilience to global climate change.

Start date:  December 20, 2012       End Date:   June 17, 2015
Anticipated Project budget (Life of Project):  $ 412,984
Implementer:  Balkan Investigative Network Reporting (BIRN)

Start date:  November 19, 2012     End Date:   November 19, 2015
Anticipated Project budget (Life of Project):  $ 488,268
Implementer:  Media Development Center (MDC)


Last updated: October 31, 2014