Fact Sheets

Advocacy Training and Resource Center (ATRC)

USAID is partnering with ATRC for this dual-pronged program aimed at combating corruption and increasing transparency and fairness among justice sector institutions in Kosovo. ATRC is working with local non-governmental organizations to conduct court monitoring and implement a public outreach and awareness campaign to strengthen public trust in the justice system.

Elections Support Program

The purpose of this 30 month program is to develop the technical capacity of the Central Election Commission (CEC) and its Secretariat to help bring about effective electoral processes in Kosovo.  The program was actively involved in supporting the regular local elections held in November/December 2013. Kosovo will hold parliamentary elections in 2014, but will likely have to ensure that the electoral reforms are acceptable to the international community first. 

The Development Credit Authority (DCA) increases access to credit for the agricultural sector and business startups by providing a 50% risk guarantee on loans extended by three banks: 1) TEB Bank, 2) Raiffeisen Bank, and 3) Banka Ekonomike.

The DCA agreements are structured as follows:


With USAID’s support, the AmCham Arbitration Center will increase and improve its staff capacities, improve its internal systems, and launch a combination of initiatives to increase the quality, efficiency, and demand for arbitration service in Kosovo.

Core Interventions

Taking into account the achievements under the previous USAID System for Enforcement of Agreement and Decisions (SEAD) project and the remaining obstacles to the arbitration system in Kosovo, the direct award to AmCham will support the following three activity components:

Data e fillimit:  1 tetor 2012                         
Data e përfundimit: 1 Maj 2014      
Buxheti i projektit (kohëzgjatja e projektit):          $208,578
Датум на започнување: 01 октомври 2012 г.
Датум на завршување:  01 мај 2014 г.  
Буџет на проектот:  $208,578
Data e fillimit:  24 prill 2012                                     
Data e përfundimit:  23 prill 2016   
Buxheti i paraparë i projektit (për kohëzgjatjen e projektit):  $5 milionë          
Implementues:  Carana Korporatë
Датум на започнување:  24 април 2012 г.                                               
Датум на завршување:  23 април 2016 г. 
Буџет на проектот:  $ 5 милиони  
Имплементатор:  Carana Corporation 


Датум на започнување: 1 септември, 2007 г.
Датум на завршување:  1 септември, 2014 г. 
Буџет на проектот: 9 милиони долари во форма на заеми 
Имплементатор: УНИБАНКА и НЛБ Лизинг


Last updated: October 31, 2014