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July to September 2013

The second edition of USAID Nepal quarterly newsletter is finally here with new stories from the field and reports on development issues.

April to June 2013

I’m delighted to bring you the first edition of a redesigned USAID/Nepal Quarterly Newsletter, developed by our Communications team to provide you with recent information about our programs, development issues, innovations, as well as hearing from our partners and beneficiaries.

January 2013: In Focus: Geographical Information System

USAID Nepal Monthly Newsletter, January 2013, In Focus: Geographical Information System

December 2012: In Focus: Women in Agriculture

Issue 12 of the USAID/Nepal newsletter includes an introduction to agriculture, women, and development in Nepal and U.S. government assistance through the Feed the Future Initiative; snapshots of USAID's efforts to empower women in Nepal through agriculture; and news briefs on the Nepal Peace Trust Fund, the Health 4 Life program, and the Cereal Systems Initiative for South Asia in Nepal.

Last updated: June 30, 2014

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