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  • Youth from around the Middle East and North Africa traveled to the United States as part of USAID’s Peace Scholars scholarship program.

  • A recent USAID-led youth conference in Morocco brought together young leaders from around the Middle East and North Africa to articulate youth priorities.

 Participants at a USAID-supported program in Amman, Jordan, enhance their multimedia skills.
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About Middle East Regional

The Office of Middle East Programs (OMEP) is a regionally-focused USAID office that undertakes critical programming around the Middle East and North Africa and engages with partners, networks and research institutions throughout the region.

The changes that have emerged from the Arab Awakening have underscored the importance of government accountability, economic opportunity, and political and economic inclusion of marginalized populations, especially women and youth. The MENA region is facing many challenges, including burgeoning youth populations with limited opportunities for meaningful employment; a volatile transition to democracy; and a growing scarcity of natural resources, particularly water, which increases tensions and constrains economic growth.

OMEP addresses these challenges through a range of regional initiatives that complement USAID’s bilateral programs in the Middle East and North Africa. OMEP’s programs promote inclusive economic growth, address regional environmental challenges, especially water, and support countries transitioning to democracy. All of our programs expand participation and opportunities for women and youth and promote the use of science and technology in regional development.

Last updated: May 14, 2015

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