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Working with Mexican public- and private-sector institutions, we support Mexico's initiatives to improve citizen security and well-being. USAID programs support Mexican leadership in specific technical areas that are high priorities for both the U.S. and Mexican Governments, including:

  1. Development and testing of models to mitigate the impact of community crime and violence;
  2. Implementation of criminal justice constitutional reforms that protect citizens’ rights;
  3. Mexico’s commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions; and
  4. Economic competitiveness to improve citizens’ lives.

Work in all four areas focuses on developing models and mechanisms to leverage public- and private-sector resources; increase individual and institutional capacity; and strengthen policy and legal frameworks that support reforms.

Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance

USAID supports the Merida Initiative, a strategy for bilateral security cooperation between Mexico and the United States that contributes to bi-national efforts to combat organized crime. Under the Merida Initiative, USAID programs support activities to strengthen rule of law, protect human rights, and advance community-based initiatives to mitigate the impact of crime and violence.

Economic Competitiveness

USAID supports Mexican-led initiatives to improve the country’s economic competitiveness. Programs work with Mexican federal, state, and local government entities, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector to improve the business-enabling environment and build support for policy reforms and institutional changes. USAID is also introducing new financial structures and practices to Mexico to enable sub-national governments to access Mexico’s capital market and lower the cost of borrowing.

Global Climate Change

USAID supports Mexican initiatives to reduce emissions and address the impact of climate change. This includes support for the development and implementation of a low emissions development strategy and related monitoring, reporting, and verification systems. We also build institutional and technical capacity to reduce emissions from deforestation, forest degradation, and the energy sector. The program addresses clean energy through policy development and by building the capacity of key institutions.


USAID supports programs in collaboration with the Government of Mexico to reduce gender-based violence, promote women’s rights, and increase equal access to justice. USAID seeks to reduce gender disparities in resources, wealth, opportunities, and services; reduce gender-based violence and mitigate its harmful effects on individuals; and increase the capability of women and girls to realize their rights, determine their life outcomes, and influence decision-making in households, communities, and societies.

Last updated: October 30, 2014

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