USAID Malawi USAID Forward Fact Sheet (2012-13)

Program Overview

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has embarked on an ambitious reform effort, USAID FORWARD, to change the way the Agency does business.  The seven key reform areas fall under three mutually reinforcing principles: 

·   Deliver results on a meaningful scale through a strengthened USAID

·   Promote sustainable development through high-impact partnerships

·   Identify and scale up innovative breakthrough solutions to development challenges

USAID FORWARD will help modernize and strengthen USAID so that it can meet the most pressing development challenges and work more efficiently towards its ultimate goal—creating the conditions where its work is no longer needed. 

Program Impact

USAID/Malawi is fully engaged in advancing the USAID Forward agenda.  Development objectives for the 2013-2017 Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) emerged from an innovative consultation process in which the Mission sought input from all sectors of Malawian society.  Significant progress is being made to advance Public Financial Management (PFM):  financial management assessments have been or are being undertaken with potential Government of Malawi partners; and USAID will coordinate with a World Bank-managed PFM multi-donor trust fund. 

USAID/Malawi will make more direct awards to Malawian organizations under the Mission’s Annual Program Statement (APS).  This APS provides the opportunity for direct grants to local non-governmental organizations (NGOs), especially organizations that have not previously received USAID funds directly or indirectly, of which 150 have already expressed interest.  Awards will be in the sectors of Education, Health and Economic Growth.

As a focus country for the USAID/Mobile Money Initiative, Malawi signed a $3 million, three year agreement to increase commercial transactions across the gender divide.  Our goal is to help increase to 21 percent the number of mobile phone users who sign up for and use M-Money services. These efforts hope to help Malawi be a more self-reliant and prospering nation.

Key Message

Developing Malawi Together

Funding (FY 2012)

$6.1 million obligated in FY12 for Local Capacity Building

$4.1 million in Health Population and Nutrition

$2 million in Education

Geographic Location


USAID Contact

Kristine Herrmann

Senior Advisor

Local Capacity Development



Last updated: October 04, 2013

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