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Adina, with other volunteers, repairs and reconstructs summer camp cottages at a  residential institution for young orphans.

Like other youth in her village, at 16, Adina Bazarbaeva assumed she would eventually go to Russia to find work when she finished school. “I didn’t think I had anything to contribute to society,” she recalls. “I wasn’t focused on developing myself, setting goals, and achieving success. My life was boring.”

In recognition of its success at sustaining a business over time, StartUp Club #19 lead by Bekjan was recognized as one of the t

Nurturing entrepreneurship is considered vital to the Kyrgyz Republic's economic growth, particularly among young people who possess the creativity and drive required, yet lack the essential knowledge to develop and pursue business ideas.

During a mock simulation on media transparency, Azamat Karabotoev delivers an interview on democratic citizenship and service to

April 2014—In November 2013, a group of 20 student body presidents from the Talas region organized a charity concert that included performances by schoolchildren, youth art groups and local comedy troupes. Ticket sales from the concert raised over $300, all of which was donated to a local nursing home. 

Round table with Kyrgyz Supreme Court and USAID JSP

Recognizing that corruption in the judiciary branch nullifies rule of law efforts in the entire country, the Supreme Court of Kyrgyzstan adopted an anti-corruption plan in December 2013 to address the problem.

Students enroll at Osh State University.

To provide fair, transparent and equal access to higher education in the Kyrgyz Republic, the independent Center for Educational Assessment and Teaching Methods developed the National Scholarship Test (NST) in 2002, the results of which solely determine a student’s admission to university.


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