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Students enroll at Osh State University.

To provide fair, transparent and equal access to higher education in the Kyrgyz Republic, the independent Center for Educational Assessment and Teaching Methods developed the National Scholarship Test (NST) in 2002, the results of which solely determine a student’s admission to university.

Citizens supported the civic initiative for reform.

For more than three years, civil society organizations (CSOs) in the Kyrgyz Republic have been working to bring about critical reforms within the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA). Their persistence paid off when, in early 2013, the ministry began considering a number of key reform measures.

Legal consultation for resident in Osh.

In late April 2012, the mayor of Osh, Kyrgyzstan, issued a resolution to extend Monuev Street by 480 meters—which would displace 22 houses in the process.

A USAID-produced how-to manual supports civil society efforts to engage with Parliament.

Kyrgyzstan's June 2010 constitutional referendum, which came only weeks after violent political change and interethnic violence, was intended to increase government accountability and transparency, and increase citizen participation in initiating and discussing draft laws with the newly formed parliament.

USAID helps to bring transparency and accountability to government ministries.

In December 2011, government ministries across Kyrgyzstan were directed to develop and report publicly on their plans to address corruption, part of a new government strategy (State Strategy against Corruption and Implementation Plan for 2012-2014) to expose government corruption and increase accountability through regular and open public forums


Last updated: February 04, 2015

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