Civil Society and Legislators Encourage Citizens to Engage with the Jogorku Kenesh

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

On January 14, 2013, the Public Union “International Center Interbilim” (Interbilim) will facilitate a discussion with civil society organizations in southern Kyrgyzstan on procedures for promoting legislation to the Jogorku Kenesh (Parliament). The workshop is part of Interbilim’s efforts to teach civic actors how to better engage with Parliament. The event will begin at 13:00 hrs at the Conference room of Kyrgyz Concept; address #1, Bayalinov Street, in Osh city.

Interbilim, with support from USAID’s Office of Transition Initiatives (USAID/OTI), developed an instruction manual to help promote wider citizen participation in public decision-making by teaching civil society groups how to interact with the Jogorku Kenesh during the legislative process.  “Involving representatives of communities, vulnerable groups, associations of citizens and businesses into legislation development and implementation processes should bring to adoption of effective and popular laws, decisions and programs,” say Interbilim’s Jibek Koichukulova and Anna Kirilenko, developers of the manual.  This new text explains in a reader-friendly format how civil society actors can lobby members of Parliament more effectively during deliberation on legislation by the Jogorku Kenesh.

On December 7, 2012 Interbilim held a similar presentation for Bishkek-based NGOs as part of an effort to distribute 800 manuals in Kyrgyz language and 600 in Russian language to civil society organizations, members of the Jogorku Kenesh and law faculties across the country.  The International Center for Nonprofit Law (ICNL) distributed 500 copies to lawyers that provide advisory services to non-governmental organizations in all seven Kyrgyz Republic oblasts.

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