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High School students in the town of Ferizaj/Urosevac show their USAID certificates after a year of extracurricular computer and

For three years, high school students in Kosovo benefited from access to computers, internet, and the English language through USAID’s “Community Service through Extracurricular Activities” initiative.

A USAID study tour demonstrated to local road construction companies such as the Papenburg/Adriani Company (shown here construct

USAID is helping asphalt producers to improve the quality of asphalt and of road construction through hands-on trainings designed specifically to address their needs.

The Mayor of Viti/Vitina Municipality (Mr. Nexhmedin Arifi, on stage) updates citizens on progress toward his campaign promises

USAID-supported initiative provided citizens of Kosovo with an opportunity to hold elected officials accountable for their promises and their performance.


Last updated: July 11, 2014

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