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Student using newly USAID funded microscope

With nearly 200 families, Babin Most/Babimoc is one of the most populated Kosovo Serb villages in the municipality of Obilić/Obiliq. There is only one elementary school in the village, attended by 98 students and preschool children.

Kosovo Interior Minister, Bajram Rexhepi, giving answering questions asked by one of the Belgrade officials

At a time when official public communication between Pristina and Belgrade officials and political leaders from northern Kosovo and officials south of the river Ibar/Ibër is almost only held at a high political level, a successful attempt to involve Kosovo citizens in talks between these parties certainly is quite an achievement.

Participants of the Week of Women fill in their evaluation forms online

When Ilirjana Gafurri, a political party activist from Peja, Kosovo, won a seat on her local council six years ago, she became an advocate for issues such as better health care and women’s equality in her community.

Private Sector Fills Gap in Kosovo Education System

Across Kosovo, there is no missing the thousands of children. Kosovo isn’t just one of Europe’s poorest countries, it’s also the youngest. More than 35 percent of its population is under 18. 

USAID Helps Media Wizards Expand

Arbër Ibrahimi and Korab Zhuja have a finger on the pulse of Kosovo’s dynamic media market. In a little over a year, the business partners (and cousins) have established Kosovo’s only comprehensive media-monitoring company.


Last updated: July 11, 2014

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