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Bees brought sweet successes

The jar of honey in your cupboard is more than just a tasty sweetener. Many believe that a spoon of this ancient remedy per day improves overall health. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that market demand for organic honey have been constantly growing.

Saffron Made in Kosovo - Thanks to USAID assistance

Agriculture is Kosovo’s biggest industry, but the economic growth of the sector is constrained by a lack of equipment, a limited variety of crops, outdated methods of production, and smallhold farms. To overcome those challenges, USAID is introducing new crop varieties and supporting farmers in production, branding and marketing.

Ms. Fatbardha Abazi, explains to interested students how to fill personal information which will enter the Center's database

Kosovo is the youngest European nation; it also has Europe's highest percentage of young. Approximately 60 percent of the population is under 27. These facts pose a stability challenge, and are worsened by an unemployment rate of approximately 75 percent.

Children at the BAMBI daycare center playing in the garden during a USAID staff visit.

As women join the workforce in Kosovo, there is an increasing need for quality daycare. BAMBI, which opened in April 2010, is the first privately-owned daycare center in Kosovo’s Gllogovc/Gllogovac municipality, which has a population of 74,000.

High school students in Veliko Ropotovo/ Ropotove e Madhe in the first afterschool class held in the USAID-supported computer la

A USAID program in Kosovo helped make afterschool English and computer classes possible for more than 1,000 students in 13 schools nationwide.


Last updated: January 03, 2014

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