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A place for youth to socialize

It’s hard to imagine a world without games. Sports and games are an integral part of everyday life in all communities.

Social Media Benefits the Community

The youth of Kosovo, including activists with political party forums, are using social media more frequently for their campaigns. Stepping further away from traditional media, their aim is to raise awareness about issues using networks like Facebook, Twitter and other forums to create community pages with photography, logos and visuals.

A request from citizens led to a new school and a paved road.

Active citizens are at the core of a vibrant democracy. With USAID support, municipalities are directly engaging with citizens in decision-making processes. Holding public hearings during municipal budget development is one of the main ways officials are incorporating citizen input in a meaningful way.

USAID is committed to building municipal capacities and processes to improve service delivery.

Instead of illegal landfills, citizens of Klokot/Kllokot in Kosovo enjoy green spaces, playgrounds and a cleaner river as a result of USAID assistance.

The strawberry promotion was a hit with school children from all over Pristina, who visited the event.

Across Kosovo, USAID works with roughly 100 growers to actively promote the adoption of new strawberry varieties and technologies, as well as innovative ways of handling, packing and marketing the soft fruit. The efforts are helping those producers sell everything they can grow, all while supporting USAID’s wider goals of fostering growth, creating jobs and generating exports.


Last updated: July 11, 2014

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