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Transforming Lives

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Blerta Hajra, statistics and verification officer, sitting, and Xhevdet Pllana import data to user-friendly database.

Since its establishment in 2000, the Kosovo Judicial Institute (KJI) has become a crucial center for continuing legal education, offering regular training for judges, prosecutors and other legal professionals.

New equipment means more products to meet the demand

It’s been said that business dealings pass over ethnic boundaries. The Gift souvenir shop in Kosovo's divided city of Mitrovica serves as an example.

Grant support allows chalk manufacturer to build his business

USAID's Young Entrepreneurs Program, which ran from September 2010 through September 2013, was designed to assist young enterpreneurs by strengthening their business skills and providing small grant assistance.  

Increased capacity spurs commercial growth

Husband-and-wife bakery owners Faton Deshishku and Valbona Raifi both grew up eating grandma dishes steeped in tradition. Today, with USAID’s help, they are sharing those recipes with customers with a hankering for savoring (but none of the time for making) those same delights in their own homes.

A small company that started with USAID support now employs 22 people

The ordered tangle of blue, green and red lines on Krenar Spahija’s computer screen may well map out the way to a prosperous future for Kosovo, this small country in Southeastern Europe. 


Last updated: July 11, 2014

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