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Transforming Lives

Luki Muia, of Machakos, Kenya, once had barely enough milk to sustain herself and her family.

Luki Muia of Machakos, Kenya, used to keep eight cows that gave barely enough milk for her and her five children, with no surplus to sell. Now, she says efforts by a USAID public-private partnership have given her a clear road map out of the poverty that had always been part of her life.

Diff Maternity Ward -- built by the community of Diff brought together cross-border clans along the Kenya/Somalia border.

For years, banditry, arms smuggling, and a crisis of national identity have prevented members of the same Ogaden clan from reaching peace along the Kenya/Somalia border, but residents on both sides are now taking the first steps towards collaboration.

Kapsasian Rock Catchment gathers natural rain water into a 50,000 liter cement tank for the local community.

The people of Kapsasian community, near Kenya’s renowned Masai Mara Game Reserve no longer have to walk miles in search of water thanks to a USAID/East Africa project that uses a giant rock to capture rain water.


Last updated: August 04, 2014

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