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A young Kenyan man stands in front of a building labeled “Garissa County Assembly.”

April 2014When Abdirahman Abdullahi Omar embarked on a youth leadership training program in Kenya, little did he know it would help prepare him for a seat in the Garissa County Assembly.

A pharmacist hands medication to a client outside the pharmacy window.

“I still don’t fully accept my status,” says Vivian Achieng, 27, as she waits to fulfill her antiretroviral prescription at Kenya's HIV Patient Support Center in Kisumu. She found out she was HIV-positive four years ago, in 2009.

Kenya Taste of Harvest Competition

The African Fine Coffees Association (AFCA), in partnership with the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) and USAID COMPETE, held its 7th annual Kenya National Taste of Harvest (ToH) Coffee Competition at the Coffee Research Foundation in Ruriu, Kenya, Jan. 28-30, 2013.

Forum participants discuss xenophobia and its effects on their community.

Ramadan Otieno has seen his community divided by the effects of xenophobia. In an area where ingrained fears and false perceptions of ethnic groups create a great divide, al-Shabaab, a terrorist organization, has taken advantage of the situation, exploiting locals’ lack of knowledge to incite violence.

“Dr. Nduku Kilonzo, manager of an NGO for women’s health and HIV services in Kenya, has been a lifelong supporter for improving

As a teacher in rural Kenya, Dr. Nduku Kilonzo never thought she would become involved in women's health, gender issues, and HIV. However, it was during her time as an educator in the 1990s when she began to realize disparities that threatened the health and well-being of her female students.


Last updated: August 04, 2014

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