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Women and Baby rest in hospital room

June 2014—Alice Mtune is 32 years old and a mother to six children. The youngest was born in September 2013 at the Msulwa Dispensary in Kwale County, about 58 kilometers from the coastal town of Mombasa, Kenya. She is pleased with the care she received at the dispensary.

A woman kneels down while opening a bag of potatoes.

Climate change has become a reality in Aule’s village. Droughts and famine are becoming more frequent, wiping out herds of livestock traditionally kept as a source of income. 

A young Kenyan man sitting in front of a wall

Seven years ago, Rotim Murage was apprehensive about his future. He had just sat for his Kenya Certificate of Primary Education, an intensive four-day exam that determines which students are eligible to attend a government high school. Due to limited places, those that score low marks are not able to attend a government high school, which are much cheaper than private options.

Twin babies swaddled in colorful cloth are held by Kenyan women.

April 2014—High-pitched ululations resound at the Kahawa Dispensary in Borabu, Nyamira County, Kenya. Health workers and patients are celebrating the safe delivery of twin boys.

A young Kenyan woman stands facing the camera in a clinic with blue mosquito nets and hospital cots in the background.

April 2014—Some health facilities are abuzz with health workers attending to patients at every corner. But, the Kyaango dispensary in rural Kitui County, Kenya, has only one health worker.


Last updated: January 05, 2015

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