Peace Initiative Kenya

Funding Level:
US $5.1 million 

June 2012 – September 2015

Activity Goals:

  • Strengthen targeted county governments to effectively address gender-based violence as a key issue through improved provision of services and relevant policy implementation
  • Increase access and utilization of gender-based violence services provision through community outreach and publicity

Activity Accomplishments:

  • 902 trainings on peace and reconciliation
  • 3 million people reached through radio shows
  • 7,860 people reached through a gender-based violence helpline service
  • Supported the GIS mapping of available gender-based violence services

Key Partners:
Directorate of Gender, National Gender and Equality Commission, Judiciary, County Executives, County Assemblies

Kenya’s National Gender and Equality Commission (NGEC) and the Ministry of Devolution and Planning - Directorate of Gender, private sector, religious groups and civil society

Activity Locations:
Nyanza, Coast and Rift, covering nine counties: Taita Taveta, Kwale, Mombasa, Kisumu, Migori, Kisii, Uasin Gishu, Nandi and Trans Nzoia.

Phase two of Peace Initiative Kenya focuses on improving national and county-level gender-based violence service delivery systems and policy implementation. The activity aims to strengthen county engagement in preventing and responding to gender-based violence and to increase access and utilization of gender-based violence services through community outreach and other awareness raising efforts.

Peace Initiative Kenya supports grassroots organizations and peace actors from county, regional and national peace summits to address existing conflicts and develop strategies to promote peace.

The activity supports prevention of gender-based violence and focuses on improving the current response frameworks at the national and local levels. Peace Initiative Kenya also leverages opportunities catalyzed by the current political transition to county government. The transition allows Peace Initiative Kenya to advocate for the establishment and maintenance of social service delivery for gender-based violence and the allocation of financial resources for gender-based violence prevention and service provision.

The activity continues to target women and men as partners in gender-based violence prevention, with a special focus on men as agents for change and influential women as conveners of advocacy groups.

Peace Initiative Kenya also leads an innovative civic education campaign at county and national levels with opportunities for community conversations, awareness events and local advocacy.

In Nandi County, a local peace and gender-based violence platform under the leadership of Chief Simon Chepsiror was constituted with a membership of 15 people. The members are drawn from local leadership including the teachers, pastors, provincial administrators and former Government officers in the area. The group carries out dialogue forums to explore the main causes and drivers of violent behaviors among men and women in their location.

"We have held separate forums for the elders, couples, girls, and boys and professionals in Kurgung division to explore how to tame the tide of gender-based violence in our community. Through the community forums we organize, the members of the community are made aware of the consequences of violence against women and girls” says the chief.

“In our meetings, we have shared valuable information about existing services and referral focal points as well as promote non-violence and community based protection for women and girls. Such information includes, reporting all incidents of sexual and gender-based violence within 72 hours, calling helplines such as 1195 for prompt assistance and taking safety and precaution measures especially for girls and women to reduce the risks of getting violated” says Chief Chepsiror.

USAID Contacts:
John Smith-Sreen, Director
Office of Democracy, Rights and Governance, USAID/Kenya
Tel: +254 (0)20 862 2000

Betty Mugo, Activity Manager, USAID/Kenya
Office of Democracy, Rights and Governance
Tel: +254-20-862- 2394

Peace Initiative Kenya Contact:
Jebiwot Sumbeiywo, Chief of Party, Peace Initiative Kenya, IRC/ Kenya
Tel: +254-20-862-2394


Updated January 2014


Last updated: March 14, 2014

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