Kenya Tuna Uwezo

Funding Level:
US$1.6 million

March 2012 – March 2014

Activity Goals:

  • Enhance ability of local institutions to lead and implement people-to-people peace building independently
  • Reach 150,000 people directly through trainings and community events and 400,000 people indirectly through messaging and public awareness campaigns on civic education
  • Strengthen social networks of community members and civil society groups to collaborate productively on community issues and address grievances

Activity Accomplishments:

  • 1361“at risk” groups reached through USG-supported conflict mitigation activities
  • 193 supported events, trainings, or activities designed to build support for peace or reconciliation among key actors to the conflict
  • 45 Local organizations with improved organizational capacity

Key Partners:
Peace-Net Kenya, Youth Banner and Kituo Cha Sheria

Activity Locations:
Nairobi’s Kiambiu, Kibera, Mathare, and Korogocho/Babadogo informal settlements


Kenya Tuna Uwezo, (Kiswahili for “We have the power!”) aims to reduce ethnic and politically-motivated conflict in the informal settlements of Nairobi by strengthening communities to withstand political manipulation that leads to violent conflict.  The activity strengthens community and civil society social networks and promotes collaboration on community issues toward the resolution of grievances.


Strengthening social networks
The activity initiates dialogue on shared concerns among at-risk groups to build relationships, increase trust and create lines of communication vital to promoting and sustaining peace.

Civic education
Kenya Tuna Uwezo works to expand knowledge of the 2010 Constitution to empower marginalized communities to engage their leaders in making informed decisions. The activity supports civic education and community-led responses to community issues and conflicts.

Capacity building
Kenya Tuna Uwezo develops the technical and organizational capacity of community-based organizations and officials to ensure sustainability of program activities. It also trains community leaders and groups to work effectively with one another across ethnic lines.

Economic incentives for sustaining peace
To sustain gains made in peacebuilding, Kenya Tuna Uwezo added a youth livelihood development component to its activity. This component supports youth in the informal settlements to develop or manage a successful business as an alternative to fighting.


Kenya Tuna Uwezo organizes “Devolution Festivals,” which use drama, music and poetry to communicate messages about devolution and its impact on the average citizen. One such festival was held in a church hall in the Kibera informal settlement, Nairobi County.

USAID Contact:
Makena Kirima, Activity Manager
Office of Democracy, Rights and Governance
Tel: +254-20-862-2801

Kenya Tuna Uwezo Contact:
Selline Korir, Director
Kenya Tuna Uwezo Program
CHF International/ Kenya
Tel: +254 (20) 2101312/3


Updated January 2014

Last updated: March 14, 2014

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