Global Give Back Circle Fact Sheet

What is the Global Give Back Circle?

The Global Give Back Circle is an innovative education, empowerment, and employment transition program for disadvantaged girls in Kenya. The three core goals are to transition each girl to become empowered, selfless and capable.  Girls receive scholarships and mentorship, and in return have to offer voluntary service to their community while mentoring the next generation of scholarship awardees. Over 21 partners from the public and private sectors support the project, including Microsoft, Safaricom, Standard Chartered Bank Kenya, MasterCard Foundation, Equity Bank, Deloitte & Touche Kenya, KPMG Kenya, PWC Kenya, Barclays Bank Kenya, Ernst & Young USA and USAID.

Project Duration and Budget

February 2011 - February 2014
US $3.5 million

Who implements Global Give Back Circle?

Kenyan Community Development Foundation (KCDF)

Where does Global Give Back Circle work?

In all 47 counties of Kenya

What does Global Give Back Circle do?

Launched in 2008 as a Clinton Global Initiative Commitment, the Global Give Back Circle provides girls from disadvantaged backgrounds—many of them orphans—with the skills, savvy and support they need to escape the cycle of poverty.  Girls are also empowered to lend a helping hand to the next generation.

The program matches each young woman with a mentor, either an American or a Kenyan professional woman, who maintains an open channel of communication throughout the program. Mentors provide advice to the girls to facilitate thoughtful decision-making about social, academic and professional choices. In addition to financial support for secondary school and university, the project provides special courses in managing personal finances and other life skills, and using information and communications technology.

How is Global Give Back Circle making a difference?

The return on investment is measured by the sustainability of the transformation process. The project takes at-risk girls from poverty to prosperity, and measures success based on what the girls “give back”. Transformation is complete when the young women graduate from being beneficiaries and themselves become benefactors. The project identifies and caters to the poorest girls from the poorest communities. To date, over 550 girls and 27 boys have been reached.

What key challenges does the Global Give Back Circle face?

Global Give Back Circle was designed to address the unique needs of Kenyan girls who often face social pressure to marry early and forgo completing their education. The project recently began working with young men, but recognizes that the model developed for girls should be modified to address the unique pressures and challenges faced by boys who have been orphaned or are vulnerable due to poor family circumstances.

For more information:

Lucy Kithome, Ph.D.
Project Management Specialist
Education and Youth Office
Tel: +254 20 862 2249

Catherine Kiganjo
Program Coordinator - Girl Child Program
Kenya Community Development Foundation
Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: +254 20 8067440/1/2/3540239
Cell: +254 733 886561


Updated May 2013

Last updated: August 05, 2013

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