Fanikisha Institutional Strengthening Project

Presidential Initiative
U.S. Global Health Initiative

Funding Level:
US $41 million 

July 2011 – July 2016

Activity Goals:

  • Enhance technical capacity of the civil society organizations participating in the Fankisha institutional strengthening mentored grants program
  • Compile the first draft of the Kenya Community Health Strategy through engagement with key stakeholders
  • Improve institutional capacity of the mentored civil society organizations through peer-to-peer support and cross-learning among the civil society organizations’ chief executive officers
  • Increase capacity of the NGOs Co-ordination Board to manage the Kenya Civil Society Portal for Health

Activity Accomplishments:

  • Four mentored civil society organizations have successfully reached a point of development where they have received programmatic grants to enhance their existing health programs
  • Access to quality data improved through the Kenya Civil Society Portal for Health: over 3,000 users access the site every three months

Activity Locations:

Key Partners:
Government of Kenya through the Ministry
of Health and Ministry of Devolution and Planning

Development partners, the NGOs Coordination Board, implementing partners of the AIDS Population and Health Integrated Assistance Plus project, and Fanikisha-supported civil society organizations and their affiliates


The Fanikisha, which means “accomplish” in Kiswahili, Institutional Strengthening Project builds the capacity of national-level civil society organizations and non-governmental organizations to provide sustainable leadership for the health and well-being of all Kenyans.


Fanikisha Institutional Strengthening Project strengthens leadership, management, and governance of local civil society organizations; increases access and use of quality data for civil society organizations’ decision making; and improves the quality of institutional strengthening for civil society organizations.

Fanikisha uses baseline assessments and civil society partners’ identified needs to strengthen institutions. Fanikisha supplements this institutional strengthening with mentored grants that procure technical assistance from the private sector. Fanikisha activities endeavor to build and sustain the partnership between FANIKISHA and key health stakeholders.


“If it wasn’t documented, it wasn’t done” is a common phrase among staff at the Health Rights Advocacy Forum. The phrase is a constant reminder to staff that quality reporting, both technical and financial, is a critical element of a strong organization.

Quality reporting provides the evidence to support use of resources and envisage the expected results. Health Rights Advocacy Forum works through strategic partners involved in health issues, HIV and AIDS, and human rights networks, among others, to advocate for health as a fundamental human right in Kenya. Good documentation wasn’t always Health Rights Advocacy Forum’s strong suit. After being selected to benefit from a Fanikisha Institutional Strengthening Project mentored grant in 2012, Health Rights Advocacy Forum acknowledged its low capacity in reporting.

Poor documentation of project activities, limited understanding of project reporting templates, limited understanding of linking project outputs with outcomes, and an inability to manage data to communicate project outcomes contributed to poor quality reports. Based on the gaps identified during an organizational capacity assessment, Fanikisha began to mentor Health Rights Advocacy Forum on how to develop an effective project reporting system, and link project outputs to outcomes.

Health Rights Advocacy Forum staff clearly acknowledge the role Fanikisha has played in enabling them to improve their project reporting. “Fanikisha interventions have contributed to quality reporting to all Health Rights Advocacy Forum donors,” asserts Beatrice Gachambi, a program officer at Health Rights Advocacy Forum. “Fanikisha held our hand and has been walking with us helping us address our reporting challenges. The competencies we have acquired have demonstrated results in our reporting practices.”

USAID Contact:
Tara Simpson, Activity Manager
Tel:  +254 713 601 491

Fanikisha Institutional Strengthening Project Contact:
Daraus Bukenya
Chief of Party, Fanikisha
Tel:  +254 733 574 908


Updated January 2014

Last updated: August 06, 2014

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