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energy audits

Under a new energy efficiency law passed in 2012, energy-intensive businesses and municipal buildings are required to reduce their energy consumption through energy-saving measures monitored by regular mandatory energy audits. Such monitoring requires the services of experienced energy auditors. Many companies have so far been unable to comply with these requirements, not because of a lack of commitment, but because of the insufficient supply of experienced energy auditors that can carry out this work.

energy management in Kazakhstan

Since Kazakhstan’s adoption of a law on energy saving in 2012, the country has sought to grow its community of energy auditors and energy management professionals to help companies implement energy efficiency programs and boost economic growth.

 MDR-TB guideline

Каzakhstan is among the world’s 27 high-burden countries for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB). Almost one in five new TB cases are MDR-TB, and half of all returning patients who had previously been treated for TB have since contracted MDR-TB.

Kazakh business leaders

In an effort to help reduce its contribution to climate change resulting from greenhouse gas buildup, Kazakhstan launched a greenhouse gas emissions trading program last year, which requires high-emitting businesses to reduce their emissions each year. However, many companies do not yet have the tools to comply with the requirements and the know-how to reduce their emissions footprint over time.

Women Private Entrepreneurs Community NGO in Kyzylorda

July 2014—For victims of trafficking, Kazakhstan serves as a destination, transit and source country. Kazakhstan remains attractive as a destination for citizens from less economically stable countries of Central Asia. For those being trafficked from Kazakhstan, the main destination countries are Russia, the United Arab Emirates and Turkey.


Last updated: March 03, 2015

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