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READ Alliance: The READ – Engage – Achieve – Dream Alliance (READ Alliance) is a new partnership with the Centre for Knowledge Societies (CKS) that is harnessing the resources, talent, and experience of the public and private sectors, and broader education community, to improve the reading skills of millions of primary school-age children in India. The READ Alliance supports a Reading Innovation Challenge to identify promising solutions and partnerships to improve reading skills in children, test their effectiveness, and help take those proven successful to scale. 

Millennium Alliance: Inspiring Innovations, Sharing Solutions The Millennium Alliance is a multi-million dollar India - U.S. publicprivate partnership that leverages Indian creativity, expertise, and capital to source and scale locally developed innovations that can benefit vulnerable populations across India and the world. Launched by USAID, the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), and the Government of India Technology Development Board, and implemented by FICCI, the Alliance links Indian innovators with seed financing in six major development sectors: maternal and child health, family planning and reproductive health, early grade reading, clean energy, water and agriculture. ICICI Bank and Foundation, UKAID, and ICCo India recently joined the Alliance. 

All Children Reading Grand Challenge: In November 2011, USAID, jointly with Australian Agency for International Development and World Vision, announced the “All Children Reading” competition to identify and support game-changing innovations with the potential to dramatically improve reading skills among primary school children. One of the winners, PlanetRead, subtitles songs in popular television programs broadcast in the same language as the audio. Known as Same Language Subtitling, the innovation provides children with many hours of additional reading practice. Pratham, another All Children Reading winner, uses a unique pedagogical approach, innovative, affordable teaching/learning materials, and community volunteers to teach children to read during short, focused learning camps.

In-STEP: USAID is partnering with the Government of India (GOI) to improve teacher performance in India’s schools by funding a customized training program at a U.S. School of Education for select teacher educators. Through this project, Indian teacher educators will learn new skills and approaches for training teachers, and carry these back to their classrooms and institutions. As part of this project, the teacher educators will also develop teacher education reform plans that they can implement in their states and institutions.

Afghan Women’s Empowerment Program: In partnership with the Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA), USAID is working to promote the economic empowerment of women in Afghanistan. Afghan women travel to India to receive vocational training in a variety of areas including computer literacy, food processing, embroidery, and garment making as well as training in “soft skills,” such as leadership and financial management.

Disaster Management and Support (DMS): USAID/India is partnering with the Indian Government to strengthen disaster management systems and build the capacity of key disaster management institutions. In addition, USAID is funding a program in eight cities to reduce disaster risk arising from climate change by integrating climate risk reduction measures into ongoing development programs.

Last updated: July 29, 2015

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