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Start date:  February 27, 2012     End Date:  August 31, 2014 
Project budget (Life of Project):  $2,540,000
Implementer:   Foundation Open Society – Macedonia (FOSM), in partnership with
four local civil society organizations (CSOs): the Youth Educational Forum; Forum – Center for Strategic Research and Documentation; the Center for Civil Communications; and Reactor – Research in Action.

Start date:  October 1, 2012      End Date: May 1, 2014 
Project budget (Life of Project):   $208,578
Additional co-funding from the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs ($208,578), Macedonian Ministry of Finance ($19,796), and the Center for Excellence in Finance ($46,036)
Implementer:  Center of Excellence in Finance (CEF)


Develop the internal audit profession in Macedonia to improve public financial management and increase accountability, transparency and efficiency in the public sector. 

Start date:  April 1, 2012     Duration:  Three years
Anticipated Project budget (Life of Project):  $850,000
Implementer: National Democratic Institute (NDI)


Support an independent Parliament that will represent the citizens, create informed rules that govern the society, and monitor the work of the executives.

Start date:  December 2011      Duration:  Three years
Project budget (Life of Project):  $ 3,696,110
Implementer:  Tetra Tech DPK


Strengthen the role of the judiciary in the separation of powers, and develop broad based support for rule of law and judicial sector reform.


Advocacy and Citizen Participation in Judicial Sector Reforms – Develop the capacity of justice sector professional associations to play a leadership role in justice system reform efforts.

Start date:  December 2012                 End Date:  June 2015   

Anticipated Project budget (Life of Project):    $949,684  

Implementer:  Macedonian Civic Education Center


Strengthen the teacher career and professional development system in Macedonia.  Create and institutionalize structures and processes that guide and inform the system.

Start date:  September 30, 2010                  End date:  September 29, 2015    

Project budget (Life of Project):  $6.7 million  

Implementer:     Education Development Center (EDC)   

Start date:  February 15, 2010                     End date:  June 30, 2014     

Project budget:  $495,960   

Implementer:  Open the Windows 


Foster the inclusion and active participation of students with disabilities in mainstream education through:

Start date:         June 28, 2004                    End date:   May 31, 2014    

Project budget:           $ 4,530,760               

Implementer:             Foundation Open Society - Macedonia (FOS-M)


Help Roma students remain in the school system and improve their performance and attendance, by means of positive interventions in preschool and primary school. Earlier components of this project also assisted secondary school and university students.

Start date:  December 2011                  End date:  Dec. 2015

Project budget (Life of Project):  $ 5,200,000

Implementer:  Macedonian Civic Education Center in partnership with other local NGOs


Build the awareness and capacity of school boards, principals, teachers, and administration officials to deal with diversity and multi-ethnic issues.  Provide diversity training and incentives in support of the central and local government efforts for ethnic integration.

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Last updated: August 20, 2014

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