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USAID is committed to enhancing the way we deliver our humanitarian and economic programs. Our efforts to rebuild in Haiti are guided by the principles of transparency, innovation, accountability, and collaboration. USAID seeks to bring new partners, including local organizations, small and disadvantaged businesses, and others who can offer innovative development solutions, to the table. Below, you can find more information on different mechanisms and ways to work with USAID in Haiti.


Business Practices for USAID/Haiti:

  • USAID is dedicated to greater Haitian involvement in award selections. To the maximum extent practicable, proposed contracts and grants will provide for source selection participation by representatives of the GOH, at both the national and sub-national levels, and where appropriate civil society and the international community.
  • USAID will disseminate sector-focused concept papers for consultation with the GOH, civil society, and the international community.
  • USAID will make every effort to make local and international communities aware of ongoing business opportunities through regular announcements.
  • When applicable, USAID will hold pre-award conferences to provide potential partners with the opportunity to ask questions about an award solicitation.
  • USAID will conduct assessments of local NGOs in order to provide technical assistance to build their organizational capacity to receive direct awards.
  • As appropriate and to the extent possible, USAID will hold meetings after an award is made to review the winning bid or to explain award decisions with unsuccessful offerors and applicants in accordance with all applicable USAID regulations and policy standards.
  • USAID will maximize allowable set-asides for U.S. small business concerns, including minority and women owned businesses, whenever appropriate.

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Last updated: February 10, 2014

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