Caracol Community Electrification Project


The recently opened Caracol Industrial Park (CIP) is a collaborative effort between the Government of Haiti, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), and the U.S. Government, designed to create a center of economic development in Haiti’s underserved North coast.  To support this initiative, USAID constructed a 10MW power plant at the Park to supply reliable, plentiful electricity to the complex’s new tenants.  Through the Caracol Community Electrification Project (CCEP), implemented by the National Rural Electrical Cooperative Association (NRECA), USAID will extend electric distribution to the residential communities surrounding the industrial complex, which currently lack any connection to the electrical grid. 


  • Improve the quality of life and economic opportunities for the residents living in the vicinity of the new Caracol Industrial Park 
  • Hire and train local residents to erect distribution poles and string electrical lines in order to transfer knowledge and skills that will increase local capacity and provide future employment opportunities
  • Link CCEP activities to USAID’s new Pilot Project for the Sustainable Electricity Distribution (PPSELD) program to provide continuity to the rural electrification program in the Northern development corridor, which will continue electricity distribution to other adjacent communities and electrify approximately 20,000 customers over the next three years  


  • Develop electric distribution infrastructure to provide electricity to the community and settlements around the Caracol Industrial Park
  • Build the capacity of local community members and institutions to design, build, and operate safe and reliable electric service for the community

Anticipated Results

  • 450 paying customers—nearly the entire village of Caracol— are connected to affordable, reliable electricity for the first time ever
  • Up to 1,350 additional households will be connected by December 2013
  • Local work crews are trained to install distribution lines and electrical work, increasing local capacity to manage the system in the future

Last updated: October 25, 2013

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