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Transforming Lives

Mayan children and teachers use computers to learn and build self-esteem

Until recently, access to educational technology was nothing more than a dream for children of rural local communities in Guatemala’s highlands.

Omar and another former gang member work in a machine shop in Guatemala City.

For many years, Omar was known as “The Devil.” Like many youth in his neighborhood, he was the member of a gang. More lucky than some of his childhood friends who are now dead, Omar managed to leave the gang and join a USAID-sponsored program for youth at risk.

Vilma Dinora Morales, a champion of women's rights in Villa Nueva, attends a domestic violence training session.

Through her work, trained therapist Vilma Dinora Morales learned that violence against women in Villa Nueva (a Guatemala City suburb) was a serious problem that received little attention and often went unpunished. Community leaders and justice center professionals wanted to help women access justice, but did not know how.

Mayor Selvin Garcia of Pachalúm, Guatemala, is highly regarded nationally and internationally for his innovative municipa

Selvin Boanerges Garcia Velásquez is the mayor of the municipality of Pachalúm, in the Department of Quiché’s southeastern corner. This department was one of the most heavily affected areas during the armed conflict that ended with the 1996 Peace Accords.

Young students learning to cook at an outreach center in Guatemala
Ana Lucia Soto de Escobar is one of the valuable volunteers that gives life to the Búcaro, Mezquital Youth Outreach Center in Villa Nueva, a Guatemala City suburb that is home to gangs and high crime rates.


Last updated: November 20, 2014

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