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Working in Crises and Conflict

Ghana crises
Public outreach through key figures like religious leaders can help mitigate conflict
Susan Quinn/USAID

USAID’s Sustainable Peace Initiative contributed to peaceful 2008 elections in constituencies of Northern Ghana. Jointly funded by USAID and the British Department for International Development, the project provided training and conflict reconciliation activities to more than 6,000 Ghanaians in the northern regions, nearly a third of whom were women.

The project produced assessments of 10 high-risk conflict hotspots in Northern Ghana, which informed activities for preventing outbreaks of violent conflict, including the development of a conflict early warning system. A book on the history of ethnographic conflict in northern Ghana was published and distributed throughout the region. As a result of public outreach and activities with key stakeholders, the project helped achieve formal resolution of dozens of historic conflicts and introduced sustainable solutions to mitigate future conflict.

Last updated: December 02, 2014

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