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Economic Growth and Trade

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Connecting small farmers to markets is critical to Ghana's economic growth.
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Over the past few years, Ghana has pursued a robust macroeconomic reform agenda, which has resulted in a significant decline in poverty and steady growth in gross domestic product. In 2007, commercial quantities of oil were discovered off the coast of Ghana, which may provide a revenue steam that could rapidly accelerate growth and move Ghana toward its goal of middle income status by 2020.

USAID economic growth programs in Ghana enhance the competitiveness of agricultural firms in domestic, regional and international markets. In addition, USAID is working with the Government of Ghana to strengthen management of the oil and gas sector. 

Private Sector Development

USAID is improving the capacity of the private sector to access and supply domestic, regional and international markets and to integrate small farmers into the supply chain. Activities focus on improving access to markets through better market information; meeting food safety regulations; increasing the production capacity of firms through improved technologies and environmentally sound practices; improving the management capacity of firms; applying best practices in sustainable resource management in agriculture; and strengthening business associations’ ability to provide better services to their members.

USAID programs are also improving the enabling environment for businesses. This includes strengthening the macroeconomic policy reform environment, improving agricultural policy analysis, and facilitating dialogue on policy and regulatory reforms. USAID supports removing barriers for agricultural commodities to enter regional and international markets, and improving access to credit.

Financial Markets

USAID is providing technical assistance and training to promote reforms of the regulatory framework in the banking sector and developing applications to improve market information for selected staple food crops and non-traditional exports. USAID programs benefited nearly 350 producer organizations, including 28 women's organizations, and over 100 agriculture-related firms in 2010.


USAID focuses its efforts on providing advisory services in the oil, gas and power sectors. This technical assistance reinforces the capacity of the Government of Ghana to define and conduct institutional, regulatory and commercial strategies in the development of these sectors. USAID assistance helps the Government of Ghana to prepare for and make decisions that reflect international best practices, and trains Ghanaian officials, representatives of power utilities and local businesses in the development of the country’s energy sectors.  

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