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Economic Growth and Trade

Georgia has significant economic advantages, with a strategic regional geographic location, proximity to international markets, and significant natural resources. Unfortunately, Georgia’s growth has been hindered by years of instability and the legacies of a state controlled economy.

USAID’s programs in Georgia aim to enable inclusive and sustainable economic growth in the country through improved economic governance, increased competitiveness and employment, responsible management of Georgia’s natural endowments, and increased access to quality education. Current projects focus on improving infrastructure, and helping Georgia develop the human capital to fuel the economic growth and meet the demands of a modern market-based economy.

Current programs:

Economic Prosperity Initiative
Sept 2010 – Sept 2014
Deloitte Consulting LLP

This comprehensive program will improve Georgia’s overall economic competitiveness through assistance designed to: 1) expand and deepen the country’s economic governance capacity; 2) improve agriculture sector productivity; and 3) strengthen targeted non-agricultural value chains that have the highest growth potential.

New Economic Opportunities
Apr 2011 – Apr 2015
Chemonics International  

The NEO project is designed to improve rural incomes; reduce poverty levels; improve food security; address critical, small-scale infrastructure priorities in targeted communities; enable targeted IDP communities (old and new) to sustainably maintain their households; and assist communities distressed by natural or other disasters. The project will target 10 municipalities and will benefit at least 70,000 households that are considered vulnerable.

Municipal and Internally Displaced People
Feb 2011 – Feb 2014
Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project
Government of Georgia – Municipal Development Fund

This project aims to: 1) develop and rehabilitate municipal infrastructure in certain municipalities affected by the 2008 conflict, including significant irrigation infrastructure; 2) upgrade the homes constructed by the Government of Georgia for persons displaced during the August 2008 conflict and redevelop buildings for use as durable housing for IDPs from previous conflicts; and 3) help ensure overall sustainability of interventions.

Oversight Contract
May 2011 – Nov 2013
TetraTech EM INC 

The project is providing engineering oversight for the Municipal Infrastructure and IDP Housing Rehabilitation Project.  It monitors current processes and practices, identifies and mitigates areas of risk, and carries out oversight and quality control efforts to ensure that selected infrastructure and housing rehabilitation are implemented effectively and in accordance with U.S. and Georgian standards and regulations.

Loan Portfolio Guarantee for Bank Republic
Sept 2005 – Sept 2015
Bank Republic

USAID extended a Development Credit Authority (DCA) loan portfolio guarantee for lending up to $6,000,000 to Bank Republic to extend commercial credit to the agricultural and non-agricultural sectors, or any activity that contributes to improved technology or increased employment in Georgia. About 50% of loans are extended to the agricultural sector.

Portable DCA Guarantee for Crystal
Sept 2009 – Sept 2014

USAID extended a $1 million Development Credit Authority (DCA) portable guarantee to Crystal, a local microfinance institution, to help raise $1 million from a local and/or international lending institution.  Funds are used for on-lending to micro and small enterprises.

Portable Guarantee for Alliance Group Leasing
July 2011 – July 2016
Alliance Group Leasing

USAID extended a revolving Development Credit Authority (DCA) portable guarantee to Alliance Group Leasing to assist in sourcing of up to $2,067,660 in commercial debt to finance the expansion of its business, providing leases to micro and small businesses in Georgia. 

Last updated: July 10, 2014

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