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Democracy, Human Rights and Governance

Georgia is a key ally of the United States in a strategically important region. The country’s progress in many areas of democratic development, enabled in part by U.S. assistance, have made it a positive example for others in the Caucasus and Eurasia.  Further progress on democracy and good governance will strengthen the basis of the U.S.’s strong partnership with Georgia and its broader support for Georgia’s aspirations for Euro-Atlantic integration.

In addition to programs supporting free and fair elections in Georgia and strengthening political parties, USAID’s programs support the development of stronger democratic checks and balances by increasing the role of civil society and the independence of the media sector and encouraging judicial independence, consistency, and professionalization. USAID programs also support more responsive and transparent government service delivery.

Current programs:

Good Governance in Georgia Project
Feb 2011 – March 2014
Management Systems International

The Good Governance in Georgia (G3) project addresses the diverse challenges facing governance at the national and local levels.  The G3 program will improve transparency and institutional efficiency at all levels of government in providing better services to citizens, as well as improving communication channels between GOG institutions, stakeholders, civil society and citizens.  At the national level the program will promote improved public administration, advancing public sector reform in target institutions using human and institutional capacity development approaches.  At the municipal level the program will promote more responsive, professional, and engaged local governance. The project also provides spaces for civic engagement in ten cities across Georgia.

Judicial Independence and Legal Empowerment Project         
Oct 2010 – Oct 2014
East-West Management Institute

This project supports and strengthens the judiciary as an independent yet equal branch of government, and improves Georgia’s commercial law system. Activities aim to improve the process by which judges are appointed, trained and disciplined to increase their independence and professionalism. The project also further strengthens the state free legal aid system and the legal NGO community, and increases public understanding of the role of the judiciary. It contributes to improvement of legal education both for legal students and for practicing attorneys in Georgia. Finally, the project streamlines procedures for handling commercial cases and enforcing commercial judgments.

Applied Civic Education and Teacher Training
July 2010 – July 2014
(ACETT) Program
Project Harmony International

The program’s aims to improve the quality and scope of school-based civic education as a means to positively influence the knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors of youth, empowering them to be active participants in building a democratic society. ACETT is implemented nationwide in Georgia and will enhance civic education materials and approaches, establish accredited courses for civic teachers, introduce a practical application of classroom lessons, provide small grants in support of applied learning, develop an interactive website, and promote social networking for teachers and students.

Policy, Advocacy, and Civil Society Development in Georgia 
Oct 2010 – Sept 2014
East-West Management Institute

The program aims to strengthen civil society and accelerate the efficacy of civic leaders and organizations in Georgia. Activities help to institutionalize a more balanced and effective public oversight of and engagement with the government by strengthening Georgia’s civil society sector by implementing supportive objectives, such as to accelerate the development of civic leaders and organizations that will: (a) become effective advocates for an empowered citizenry and (b) provide viable policy options to the Government, reflecting citizens’ needs.

Georgian Media Enhance Democracy, Informed citizenry and Accountability (G-MEDIA)
Oct 2010 – Oct 2014
International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX)

This project improves the public’s access to a range of news sources and information by developing a more politically balanced, editorially independent, and professional media, able to deliver news, information, and analysis to audiences throughout the country.  G-Media is providing grants to improve the public’s access to a wider range of higher quality media content, and reaching the public through emerging channels, including social media, internet-based, and wireless delivery systems; providing practical, hands-on education of journalists at the university level, and targeted skills training in investigative and specific issue reporting; strengthening journalists’ capacity to monitor and respond to infringements on their rights; and working with individual media outlets to build their financial sustainability, and to address barriers to attracting advertisers.

Small Project Assistance
Peace Corps
Sept 2006 – Sept 2013

The project enables Peace Corps Volunteers to conduct low-cost, grassroots sustainable development activities, such as teaching of English and methodology skills; business, economic, and organizational development; and project design and management.  Grants are provided to community groups to fund training of women and vulnerable populations in health and life-skills; rehabilitate buildings to improve physical conditions; organize leadership camps for youth; and support economic development projects. 

HICD (Human and Institutional Capacity Development) PLUS
Sept 2011 – Sept 2015
Chemonics International

The project complements the implementation of USAID/Caucasus’s assistance efforts in democracy and governance, economic growth, energy and environment, and health and education sectors by developing individual skills and institutional capacity of select public entities, civil society organizations, and other private organizations.  Many of these institutions play a strategic role in the implementation of the Government of Georgia’s reform program and/or the Mission’s assistance objectives. HICD PLUS is using a structured, holistic approach to integrate knowledge, skills, and attitude training enhancements with other systemic technical assistance interventions to help partner institutions address performance gaps in a range of areas, such as strategic planning and implementation, management, technical capacity, and institutional structures.

Advancing National Integration (ANI)
Oct 2011 – Jan 2015
United Nations Association of Georgia


The project aims to strengthen national integration in Georgia, particularly involving ethnic minorities. It will work with young people across Georgia through practice and participation; increase public awareness of diversity; and support mechanisms for interaction between the government and ethnic minorities.

Last updated: July 10, 2014

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