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USAID Ethiopia is committed to an evolving model of partnership with those we serve. We recognize that sustainable solutions for global challenges are a joint effort with Ethiopia, partners of all sizes, citizens, and the wider development community.

We're passionate about challenging conventional wisdom to create new ways to work directly with local entrepreneurs, civil society organizations and partner country governments.

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Powering Agriculture Energy Grand Challenge

USAID released the 2nd Global Innovation Call for the Powering Agriculture Energy Grand Challenge for Development (PAEGC) initiative to support new and sustainable approaches to accelerate the development and deployment of Clean Energy Solutions that increase agriculture productivity and/or value in developing countries.

PAGEC will issue individual awards ranging from $500,000 to $2,000,000 USD for Clean Energy Solutions that are either: (1) at the early stages of research and development to refine/improve the design of the technology, establish proof of concept, pilot field tests, and adapt technologies/business models to new markets, or (2) at the later stage of product/business model development to assist with expansion to commercial scale.

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PRIME Innovation and Investment Fund - Annual Program Statement

PRIME is a 5-year USD 52 million USAID-funded program designed to increase household incomes and enhance resilience to climate change through market linkages in Ethiopia's dryland areas. Intermediate Results under the PRIME project include: increased livestock productivity; increased capacity of communities to respond to climate change; improved access to alternative livelihoods; improved nutritional outcomes; and improved knowledge management and learning for pastoralist issues.

Legally registered Ethiopian small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with activities that benefit the economic and market development of Afar, Oromia and Somali regions, and that require funding for fixed assets, training, marketing, technical assistance or other one-off expenses are eligible to apply.
Illustrative ventures may include enterprises that focus on:
  • Improving access to and availability of quality livestock inputs, including feed and fodder
  • Improving animal health services,
  • Improving meat and live animals trade,
  • Strengthening the dairy value chain.
  • Essential skills transfer for youth and entrepreneurs,
  • Strengthening Poultry value chain
  • Efficient and renewable energy technology

In addition to SMEs, financial institutions, private equity and business advisory firms, research institutes and other not-for-profit entities can apply for support of IIF under identical conditions as SMEs and for support of projects that have and objectives for economic and market development of Afar, Oromia and Somali regions.

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