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September 17, 2014

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Ministry of Agriculture and USAID representatives at the National Experience Sharing Workshop
November 26, 2012

In collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, USAID and implementing partners held a two-day National Experience Sharing Workshop from November 26 to 27, 2012, in Addis Ababa on USAID’s Strengthening Land Administration Program (ELAP). The workshop participants included high ranking officials and experts of the Land Administration and Use Directorate of the Ministry of Agriculture and state land administration bureaus and agencies of the Afar, Amhara, Oromia, Somali, Tigray and Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples regions.

USAID Mission Director Dennis Weller (left) tours Ada'a Dairy Cooperative factory in Debre Zeit
November 17, 2012

As part of President Obama’s Feed the Future Initiative in Ethiopia, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) launched a new five-year project called Livestock Market Development in support of the Government of Ethiopia’s Agricultural Growth Plan (AGP). State Minister of Agriculture Sileshi Getahun and USAID Ethiopia Mission Director Dennis Weller presided over the launch attended by federal and regional government officials, livestock industry representatives, and implementing partners.

USAID Mission Director Dennis Weller (2nd from left) at the project launch ceremony with Ethiopian officials.
November 17, 2012

I am greatly honored to be here in Oromia and to launch USAID’s Livestock Market Development project in support of Ethiopia’s Agricultural Growth PrograM (AGP). Let me set the context for this important project and for the U.S. and Ethiopia’s partnership in agriculture and livestock market development.

November 8, 2012

As many of you know, under President Obama’s Feed the Future Initiative, USAID is the single largest bilateral donor to Ethiopia’s agriculture development agenda with over $50 million of annual assistance to the sector. Development of the coffee value chain is an important part of our program and one of the key export commodities we support under Feed-The-Future.

October 30, 2012

It is a great pleasure and honor for me to be here tonight on behalf of U.S. Ambassador Donald Booth and the American People. Ambassador Booth asked me to convey his sincere regrets and best wishes, in particular for Dr. Eleni Gebre-Madhin as she takes on new ventures. I am new to Ethiopia but I am well aware of the importance of the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) for the business of agriculture and, ultimately, for development, and Dr. Eleni’s pioneering efforts to launch this important institution. Many farmers and producers have benefitted from the establishment of the ECX. Citing the example set by the ECX for markets in other countries around Africa, President Obama invited Dr. Eleni to the G8 Summit at Camp David in May of this year and the launch of the public-private New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition. So it is a source of pride and satisfaction for me to be here and to be able to note USAID’s contribution beginning back in 2006 to help make the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange a reality in 2008.


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