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Energy and Water

Energy and water resources are critical to a strong business climate, sustainable economic growth, and regional stability. USAID has helped Armenia to achieve measurable progress in the energy and water sectors. Physical infrastructure upgrades have been accompanied by institutional and regulatory reform – especially in the energy sector – that have increased transparency, accountability and self-reliance. However, Armenia still faces challenges in sourcing and managing both its energy and water.  The country is among the most dependent on energy imports relative to usage in the E&E region with its energy efficiency below the global average. The primary drivers of Armenia’s energy insecurity are price increases of natural gas imports, weak diversification in terms of source and supplier, and substantial risks associated with the aging nuclear power plant Metsamor that generates 42% of the country’s electricity. 

Building on past accomplishments, USAID will continue support to Armenia to consolidate and advance reforms in energy and water management in order to make them more reliable and efficient. USAID will provide technical assistance to the Armenian government in conducting long-term strategic analyses, identifying optimal energy investments, improving nuclear safety in accordance with Western standards, and strengthening regional cooperation and energy integration.  In response to water scarcity issues, USAID will advise on hydropower development and water management, as well as increase the capacity of water management bodies and communities to improve the accessibility, quality and affordability of water services.



The Clean Energy and Water Project provides assistance to Armenia’s energy and water sector activities that will help improve the country’s energy and water security. The project helps promote integrated energy and water planning, advise the Government of Armenia on issues regarding sustainable hydropower development and water management, and help local communities and enterprises in selected water basins to improve the accessibility, quality and affordability of energy and water services.

“Revive a River”: As part of this Global Development Alliance project, UNDP with the participation of the Municipality of Dilijan, the Coca Cola Corporation, and the Government of Armenia (through EBRD funding and Municipality of Dilijan) will install a wastewater treatment plant on the Aghstev River. In addition, the sewage network and collectors will be either repaired or reconstructed. The project will also partner with the community as part of environmental and cultural heritage protection activities along the river.

Last updated: October 11, 2013

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