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USAID assistance to El Salvador focuses on strengthening the justice system, anti-corruption reforms, and public-private partnerships to prevent crime and violence. To accomplish this, USAID works with the justice sector to improve criminal procedures and investigation, strengthen the Government Ethics Tribunal to regulate and promote ethical conduct in the public sector, and expand crime prevention efforts at the community level by involving local governments and the private sector.


The USAID democracy program supports the Government of El Salvador (GOES) in programs to promote the efficacy of the criminal justice system, expand access to justice, and strengthen crime prevention through community-based activities. USAID worked with the GOES to prepare for justice sector reforms that took effect in October 2010 and helped to increase access to justice through expanded use of mediation to courts.

Also, USAID helps the GOES fight corruption through its Sub-Secretariat for Transparency. Priority is given to government accountability, openness, and citizen participation. USAID is assisting the GOES in coordination with other stakeholders to develop a national integrity plan with specific actions to improve transparency in the use of public resources.

To address violent crime and insecurity, USAID has expanded crime prevention activities to high-risk communities with the participation of local authorities, community and youth leaders, NGOs, and the private sector. USAID assistance:

  • Helps implement the new Criminal Procedures Code
  • Contributes to improving the use of scientific evidence for convictions
  • Helps improve justice sector service delivery
  • Improves, establishes, and promotes good governance and anti-corruption practices within the government
  • Supports the Government Ethics Tribunal policy reforms
  • Develops innovative partnerships between the public and private sector to carry out community-based crime prevention programs

Last updated: November 20, 2014

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