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Economic Opportunities

USAID promotes employment opportunities in Ecuador by strengthening value chains in agribusiness, tourism, and other key sectors.  Partnering with the local and international private sector, USAID helps small producers access markets and, consequently, increase their incomes and overcome poverty in a sustainable way.  Assistance also facilitates access to financial services for rural micro businesses and small entrepreneurs.

Environmental Conservation

Ecuador’s diverse ecosystems support the livelihoods and culture of its people and are key to the country’s sustainable development.  USAID works to reduce threats to Ecuador’s biodiversity and mitigate climate change and its impacts by increasing the capacity of coastal, highland and Amazon communities and institutions to sustainably manage the environment. 

Governance and Citizen Participation

USAID supports activities that promote good governance and civic participation, working with the Government of Ecuador to improve local service delivery and infrastructure management, enhance the capacity of electoral institutions,  increase access to justice, and  broaden civic participation in democratic processes.

Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Response

USAID collaborates with the Government of Ecuador, international organizations, U.N agencies, United States government agencies, and other donors to respond to natural and human driven disasters in a timely manner and to increase Ecuador’s ability to respond to the refugee population on its northern border.

Social Inclusion

USAID supports inclusive development activities to give all people of Ecuador an equal chance to participate in society regardless of race, language, sexual orientation, culture, disability, social status or other factors.  USAID programs work to reduce barriers in education, employment, and citizenship.

Trafficking in Persons

Ecuador is a source, transit, and destination country for persons trafficked for purposes of sexual exploitation and forced labor.  USAID’s program supports seven local governments’ initiatives to combat this crime within their jurisdictions, and also assists the Government of Ecuador in the implementation of specific activities within the National Plan against Trafficking, which is its main tool to combat trafficking in persons (TIP).


Last updated: December 16, 2013

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