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Governance and Citizen Participation

Strong governance institutions backed by active civic participation are vital to development.  To make their voices heard in important matters at the national and local levels, citizens must understand their rights and responsibilities, have the skills and knowledge to participate in public processes, and have venues in which to express their views.  Key governance institutions must effectively engage citizens, ensure institutional transparency and accountability, and respond to people’s needs and concerns. 

As part of its Citizens’ Revolution, the Government of Ecuador has invested heavily in reaching out to diverse groups of Ecuadorians to include their views in political processes.  The government’s national development plan, “Plan for Good Living,” identifies civic participation as critical to Ecuador’s development.  USAID is supporting both government and local entities to enhance civic participation and ensure accountable and transparent governance.

Through targeted investments, USAID is providing assistance in seven major areas:

  • Enhancing communication between citizens and government;
  • Strengthening municipal government capacities to improve service delivery and institutionalize public accountability mechanisms;
  • Enabling judicial institutions to process minor crimes more efficiently, reducing the backlog of cases;
  • Strengthening electoral institutions’ capacity to administer fair, inclusive, and transparent electoral processes;
  • Strengthening the capacity of civil society organizations to channel citizen input into the policy process;
  • Improving the livelihoods of vulnerable populations living on the Ecuadorian northern border by providing basic social and productive infrastructure; and
  • Empowering communities to resolve their conflicts peacefully.

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Last updated: January 03, 2014

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