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Economic Opportunities

The purpose of USAID’s economic program in Ecuador is to foster local and regional economic growth, contributing to poverty reduction by improving micro and small business competitiveness.  To achieve these goals, USAID works in close collaboration with the central and local governments, civil society organizations, and the private sector to attract local and foreign investment, sustain local businesses and conserve Ecuador’s natural resources.  USAID implements the majority of its economic development activities through local Economic Development and Investment Attraction agencies across the country to ensure that local institutions develop their capacity to lead economic development in the future.  A gender focus underlies all USAID programs, ensuring that women are empowered and play leading roles in economic development.

USAID works with thousands of farmers to train them in best management practices and provide technologies to improve farm productivity and product quality.  We partner with the public and private sector to provide small producers with access to credit and financial services.  USAID also promotes non-traditional exports of products, such as cacao, coffee, processed fruit and vegetables, fish and seafood.  USAID helps tourism service providers in several regions across the country to improve the quality of service and their marketing capacity, to allow Ecuador to become a high-end tourism destination. 

Support is also provided to cooperatives and other microfinance institutions in rural areas to improve access to financial services for rural and marginalized-urban populations through the use of modern technologies.

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Last updated: January 03, 2014

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