Ghana Power Africa Fact Sheet


One of Ghana’s most paramount constraints to economic growth is unreliable and inadequate supply of electric power, with only 2,450 MW of installed generation capacity to serve a population of 25 million. The Government of Ghana (GOG) has committed to increase the total installed power generation capacity to 5,000 MW by 2016, including 10 percent from renewable sources. As part of this effort, independent power producers have created 546 mega-watts (MW) of generation capacity, and another private producer is nearing financial close and will ultimately produce 348 MW. Additionally, an existing power plant is being re-purposed into a ‘combined-cycle’ thermal facility that will run on natural gas and oil, generating an additional 110 MW. This progress was during 2013 and the initiative will continue to move forward through 2016.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014 - 9:00am

Last updated: June 02, 2014