The DIV Haiti Initiative

DIV Haiti Initiative
Kendra Helmer

The earthquake that devastated Haiti in 2010 catalyzed an outpouring of support for the country's development.  As part of those efforts, USAID has launched the DIV Haiti initiative. The partnership between the USAID Mission in Haiti and Development Innovation Ventures will identify, rigorously test, and scale cost-effective solutions to the development challenges captured in the United States Government Haiti Strategy.

In late 2010, the United States Government worked in collaboration with the Haitian Government and Civil Society to publish a 5-year U.S. Government Strategy for Haiti.  The plan calls for four focus areas, or “pillars,” of investment critical for the country to achieve long-term economic growth and stability.  

The DIV Haiti initiative seeks to invest in groundbreaking solutions across the four pillars of the USG Strategy for Haiti: 

  • Infrastructure and energy

  • Food and economic security

  • Health and other basic services

  • Governance and rule of law

The DIV Haiti initiative will solicit proposals and invest in carefully vetted innovations tailored to the Haitian context, measure the impact of these innovations, and scale up those which are successful.  DIV encourages entrepreneurs, innovators, businesses, academics, NGOs, local partners and others to submit proposals for cost-saving development solutions. The DIV Haiti initiative will offer staged financing to promising projects with the potential to significantly (rather than incrementally) improve development outcomes.

The initiative creates a space for collaboration between USAID staff in Haiti and some of the world’s leading development thinkers, social entrepreneurs, and private sector firms to promote innovation and evidence-based policy. The partnership will create opportunities for policy in Haiti to inform development practice elsewhere, and for innovative ideas from around the world to be tested and brought to scale in Haiti.

Out of the devastation of the earthquake's aftermath came tremendous energy, attention, and global support for building lasting recovery in Haiti by reducing poverty and supporting economic growth.  USAID continues its committment to Haiti's short-term recovery, and to advancing the sustainable, long-term success and prosperity of the Haitian people.

How to Apply

The DIV Haiti initiative seeks applications through DIV's Annual Program Statement (APS).  Learn how to apply here.

Last updated: July 19, 2013

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