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DIV seeks applicants with innovative ideas that address development challenges more efficiently and cost-effectively than the competition, and that have the potential to scale to reach millions of beneficiaries.


The DIV application process consists of two steps. Applicants must first submit a Letter of Interest (LOI). After a competitive review process described below, DIV will request that selected applicants submit a Full Application. More detail can be found in DIV's guiding document, the Annual Program Statement, and on our Frequently Asked Questions page. Additional questions may be sent to

USAID/DIV welcomes applications from many types of organizations for activities that take place in countries in which USAID operates. For complete information on applicant eligibility, please closely read DIV's APS.

Application Process

The DIV application process balances the needs for both a rigorous and efficient selection process while reducing the burden on the applicant.

Step 1: Letter of Interest (LOI)

Interested applicants must first submit an LOI. All LOI submissions must be submitted using the LOI form. As requested by the LOI, applicants should describe the purpose of the project, summarize the project’s goals, and include financial information for the project among other criteria in the LOI. Attachments to the LOI will not be reviewed. If DIV finds the project proposed in the LOI to be responsive to the selection criteria, then the applicant will be invited to submit a Full Application. Please note that an invitation to submit a Full Application does not constitute intent to award.

Application are accepted on a rolling basis.. Letters of Interest can be submitted at any time.

Letter of Interest: Stage Selection

DIV Innovations pipeline. Stage 1 Seed Financing. Stage 2 Testing & Scaling. Stage 3 Implementation

Applicants choose one of DIV's three stages when submitting their LOI. Stage level selection should be based on how far the proposed project is in its development and to what extent the applicants have previously gathered evidence of its success. Staging is not based on the level of funding needed.

To determine which stage your project falls under, please read stage details in DIV's APS.

Stage 1: Submission of the attached Letter of Intent form may be sufficient for DIV to make an award decision. After ensuring that applicants meet the eligibility requirements, DIV staff will review the applications for merit. The most promising applications will be moved to a final review, during which DIV will solicit feedback from external experts and may follow up with additional questions. (p.9)

Stage 2 & Stage 3: Submission of the Letter of Intent will provide sufficient material for DIV’s pre-screening. After pre-screening, the most promising applications will proceed to a final review for which DIV will request additional information via a Final Application. (p.9)

Letter of Interest: Evaluation Factors

Please review pages 7-9 of DIV’s Annual Program Statement for a detailed description of evaluation criteria by stage.

For the LOI form, information on the review process, timeline, and scoring, award administration, and further clarification, please see DIV's Annual Program Statement.

Step 2: Full Application

The most competitive applicants at the LOI phase will be invited to submit a Full Application for review. These selected applicants will be sent the Full Application form with submission instructions. The Full Application form requests additional and more in-depth information than the LOI. It is provided in the APS for informational purposes only.

For complete information on the application process, including eligibility details, successful proposal examples, and evaluation criteria please closely read DIV's APS.

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Annual Program Statement

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