Counter-Trafficking in Persons Programs

Children in Philippines
Children in the Philippines hold candles as part of the annual observance of International Day against Human Trafficking.
AFP/Cecil Morella

Thriving in the shadows of poverty and conflict, trafficking in persons (TIP) is a crime that victimizes millions of women, men and children worldwide. The root causes of TIP are linked to development challenges that USAID addresses every day, including limited education and employment opportunities, weak social safety nets, weak rule of law, and ethnic and gender discrimination. USAID is among the largest donors engaged in counter-trafficking in persons (C-TIP), programming over $180 million in C-TIP activities in more than 68 countries and regional Missions worldwide between 2001-2011. The C-TIP 2012 Annual Review highlights key programs that USAID is supporting to implement the objectives and principles of the C-TIP policy.

C-TIP programs funded in Fiscal Year 2012 by region:



Central Asia

Europe and Eurasia

Latin America and the Carribean


Success Stories

Rebuilding Lives in Ukraine

Separating Children from Armed Groups in the DRC

Landmark Conviction Brings Ray of Hope for Trafficking Victims (Nepal)

Shelters Help Human Trafficking Victims Recover from Trauma (Azerbaijan)




Last updated: September 11, 2013

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