Compliance Division RED ALERTS

The USAID Compliance Division established a Red Alert system, upon the chartering of this new division in February 2011, for the purpose of notifying the acquisition and assistance community when a suspension or debarment action has been taken against an individual or entity. Red Alert notifications are another communication tool in order to timely and proactively disseminate critical information.

These notifications should not be construed as a substitute for the U.S. Government System for Award Management (SAM) In no way, does checking the below listing obviate the Contracting/Agreement Officer's responsibility to check SAM during the procurement process. It is intended as an announcement of current actions being taken in the area of suspension and debarment against individuals or entities by the Agency.

Items are posted within a few days after uploading salient information into SAM. When the period of suspension or debarment terminates, the individual or entity will be removed from this web page. Check SAM for a full listing of current and archived actions.

Below is a listing of recent Red Alert notifications as of October 27, 2014.

American-Marsh Pump, Inc. Proposed for Debarment
Michael J. Florio Proposed for Debarment
Rodolphe Jaar Proposed for Debarment
Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop "Rafi Peer" Suspended and Proposed for Debarment
Eukeni Urrechaga Proposed for Debarment
Herve Kinhouande Debarred
Richard Shusterman Suspended
Jonathan E. Rosenberg Suspended
Shalva Kharabadze Debarred
Peter Chilemu Suspended and Proposed for Debarment
Joseph Kayumba Chiseyengi Suspended and Proposed for Debarment
Visayan Forum Foundation (VFF) Proposed for Debarment
Hassan Martin Abdehalin Suspended and Proposed for Debarment
Roman Rios Mamani Debarred
Rolando Mamani Debarred
Esteban Mamani Debarred
William Baguma Mbabazi Debarred 
Mostafa Hasan Sayed Al Amir Debarred 
Mark-Anthony Elisha Adams Debarred 
Nahed Abdul Kader Khabier Abdul Hakim Debarred  
Marta Rita Velazquez AKA Marta Rita Kviele Suspended and Proposed for Debarment 
Alaa Yehia Abdul Rahim Tamam Debarred 
Hossam Hassan Abdel-Rahman Debarred 
Cha-yen Yenkan Johnson Debarred 
Rose Atieno Ogolla Debarred
Everett Lipscomb, Jr. Debarred
Victoria Bosede Stephane Debarred
Khosraw Arian Debarred
Lynnly Mayenga Mandiza Debarred
Ahmad Zaki Debarred
Din Mohmmad Ramin Debarred
Paul Frank Mndala Debarred
Maksood Alam (also known as "Maqsood Alam") Debarred
Sergio Joaquim Angorete Debarred
Barbara Spier Debarred
Delmar Spier Debarred
Akhtar Nawaz Ziarmal Debarred
Rehmatullah Rehmati Debarred
Mark-Anthony Elisha Adams Proposed for Debarment
Latasha Bell Debarred
Behzad Mehr Debarred
Patrick Kpenou aka Tete Kpendu Kokou Debarred
Amadou Ba Debarred
Lacina Pakoun Debarred
Seydou Ilboudo Debarred
Patrick Nyarko Debarred
Emmanuel Nortey Debarred
Isaac Mensah Debarred
Yousef Dahdal Debarred
Neil P. Campbell Debarred
Onyebuchi Akpamgbo Debarred
Michael E. Hase Debarred
Derish Wolff Suspended
Joe O. Bondo Debarred
Morris B. Fahnbulleh Debarred
Ronald F. Ruybal, aka "Cisco" Debarred By Peace Corps
Khaled al-Sudanee Suspended
Ahman Samim Sediqi Debarred
Salvatore Pepe Debarred
Precy Pellettieri Debarred


Last updated: October 27, 2014

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