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Agriculture and Food Security

Highly variable rainfall and frequent droughts have a negative impact on Burkina Faso’s agricultural harvest, which often causes food shortages across the country. USAID and the Millennium Challenge Corporation are working to transform agricultural production in order to both strengthen the food supply and increase incomes from agricultural activity. 


Literacy levels are very low in Burkina Faso, and primary education still does not reach all children. As part of a Millennium Challenge Corporation project, we are working to increase the number of students in primary school. Although the program will benefit both girls and boys, we make special efforts to address the additional challenges faced by girls.

Global Health

Despite some progress, the very high level of poverty in Burkina Faso contributes to a dire health situation. Malnutrition and malaria are widespread, and many citizens have little or no access to basic health care or clean drinking water. USAID works to expand access to these basic necessities. We also work with partner countries to invest in health systems and promote innovation.

Environment, Water, and Climate Change

USAID programs in Burkina Faso are providing rural residents with better access to potable water, hygiene and sanitation and helping them prepare for the effects of climate change, as well as enhancing incomes and food security through improved water management.

Working in Crises and Conflict

In March 2012, a disaster was declared in Burkina Faso due to high levels of food insecurity – meaning that many people do not have access to enough of the food they need for basic nutrition. The factors that contributed to this situation include unreliable rainfall, dry spells and rising food prices. A growing number of refugees from Mali have also strained the available food supply.

USAID is working to improve food security and nutrition among vulnerable households, as well as address the drivers of violent extremism in Burkina Faso with an emphasis on young people.

Last updated: June 25, 2014

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