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Burkinabe children at school
The MCC BRIGHT project, implemented by USAID, works to increase the number of Burkinabe children in school, particularly young girls.
USAID Burkina Faso


Literacy levels are very low in Burkina Faso, and only 52 percent of children completed primary school in 2011. Roughly seven million residents are under the age of 14. As part of a Millennium Challenge Corporation-funded program, USAID worked from 2005 to 2013 to increase the number of students in primary and pre-school, constructing six primary school classrooms, six teacher houses, and a pre-school at 132 sites in the ten Burkinabe provinces where girls were historically least likely to be enrolled in school. Although the program benefited both girls and boys, USAID has made special efforts to address the additional challenges faced by rural girls.

Last updated: June 25, 2014

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