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Agriculture and Food Security

Women displays her onion crop
A women proudly displays her onion crop

Highly variable rainfall and frequent droughts have a negative impact on Burkina Faso’s agricultural harvest, which often causes food shortages across the country. Because Burkina Faso is landlocked, commercial farmers face high costs when trading internationally. USAID is working to transform agricultural production in order to both diversify and increase the food production, and increase incomes from agricultural activity. This program includes efforts to:

• Expand subsistence farming into larger money-making operations;
• Improve livestock and poultry production;
• Ensure appropriate natural resource management;
• Help producers market their products;
• Expand access to credit; and
• Increase the number of women involved in growing and selling produce.

A related Millennium Challenge Corporation program seeks to strengthen commercial agriculture by building roads to remote areas, strengthening land ownership rights, increasing access to markets and making loans available to farmers. The program also helps farmers with agricultural and irrigation projects.

Last updated: June 27, 2014

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