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Democracy, Human Rights and Governance

Democratic reforms are essential to Azerbaijan’s long-term stability and development as a reliable strategic partner in international affairs. USAID works with its public and private sector partners as well as civil society to help foster conditions for strengthening democratic governance practices and good governance standards of accountability and responsiveness to the people. At the same time, USAID helps citizens harness their resources, skills and abilities to make a difference within their communities and society.

USAID encourages citizens to engage and collaborate with their government at the national and regional levels in solving community problems. This includes work to promote greater government institutional transparency, strengthen citizen advocacy and support more effective civic engagement with the government to promote human rights and fight against corruption.

USAID-suported community development projects through training and other intervantions build the capacity of communities, groups and individuals to constructively engage with local and regional officals in identifying and implementing community development projects, thus habituating participants to citizen friendly and effective local good governance practices. In collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Development and the Council for State Support of Non-government Organizations (CSSN), USAID programs support government socio-economic development activities that center on the citizen’s participation in achieving good governance. These programs support empowerment of Community Development Councils (CDCs) to participate in decisions that affect their communites and also help CDCs plan and implement civic projects in collaboration with local governments.

Opening of the road rehabilitated under SEDA
Paige Alexander, USAID Assistant Administrator, joins the local community in Zardabi, Guba, to celebrate the opening of the road rehabilitated by the Socio-Economic Development Activity co-financed by the Government of Azerbaijan and USAID.
Vugar Naghiyev, USAID

Importantly, USAID also supports Azerbaijan initiatives that promote multi-stakeholder civic dialogue on challenges and opportunities to better safeguard citizen rights protected by the Azerbaijan Constitution. These rights affirm support to local organizations for undertaking activities that are critical for democracy strengthening in such areas as protection of human rights, transparent elections and political processes, fostering conditions for independent media and unfettered citizen access to socially valuable information.

Independent media plays a critical role in building an engaged, empowered, and educated citizenry. USAID-supported media strengthening activities include training of journalists, promoting alternative media outlets, and organizing legal defense services for journalists.

Last updated: April 16, 2015

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